Guilty Pleasures. A Short Story (just for fun)

This is just for fun and not part of my miscarriage journey. See, I do have a life other than RMC! 🙂

Guilty Pleasures

There are few things in this life of which give one real pleasure. Often things of no real consequence, but which bring you some small amount of genuine pleasure. Since it can be argued it is always acceptable to seek a little pleasure, as opposed to avoiding it, no one, surely could begrudge me? Therefore, now that I am presented with an opportunity, I find myself instinctively inclined to take advantage of my good fortune. But should I? A brief calculation; a balance sheet of pros and cons, proceeds in my mind.

I am confident that I will be able to draw out for some considerable time the feeling of comfort that I would undoubtedly experience; soft, warm and cosy. Safe. Contented. But, perhaps, my actions might be uncharitably judged as (dare I say) laziness? On reflection, the anticipated enjoyment would, most likely go unnoticed by a casual observer. And, in any case, I will be able to conduct my important business later; I do not require a schedule in order to achieve my goals. No harm in resting a while now.

And, oh! It would be so lovely just to relax. Perhaps sleep (perchance, dream?). The scope of my dreams is immeasurable; I can do in my sleep for free that which costs energy and effort in the waking world! This is not an opportunity to be taken lightly.

But, I do have business to attend to. Nevertheless, here is the opportunity for a cosy nap. Right here, right now. No waiting. Overcome with temptation, I almost forget that I need to go out today. Will it matter if I take a nap instead?

In my considerable experience, taking a nap is rarely a dangerous pastime. Naturally, accidents do sometimes occur, but sleeping is, in it-self, not inherently risky. The blissful rest will, unless some terrible bad luck befalls me, be purely pleasurable. And, I realise, like a light bulb suddenly switching on in my mind, taking this nap now will sharpen my senses later! My business later is bound to be a much greater success when I approach it fully rested and refreshed. And then, of course, I can conquer the world! Nothing will be beyond my reach. The thought of my future success makes me so giddy with glee that for a terrible moment I fear that I am too excited to sleep.

The time for contemplation and debate has passed. It is clear to me now which action I must take. With solemnity, I realise that I not only desire it; I am obliged to take this nap. It would, indeed, be wrong of me not to do so.

The mice, butterflies and birds will be there later, and I will be strong and agile and ready to hunt. How lucky I am to have read Bentham’s writings so well that I, a simple cat, may now make such rational decisions about what others might call guilty pleasures.


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