When getting a good kicking feels like a good thing

It’s funny, I never thought I’d get this far; 18 weeks. Having been obliged to ditch my regular wardrobe a week after returning to work after the Christmas holidays, I’ve had to start making maternity style choices. This is exciting (I’ve been a bit of a wardrobe raider, which is great fun. Since almost all of my friends have already had their children, they’re very happy to have someone take those bulky bags of pre-loved clothes away!). It has also been somewhat frustrating (I want to exercise outdoors but all the maternity joggers that I can find are jersey style cloth meaning I’ll get cold and wet if I try it).

Speaking of exercise, the pregnancy recommendations are a mine field of don’t get too hot, don’t get too cold, don’t get thirsty, don’t exercise ‘on empty’, don’t lie on your back, don’t lie on your front, don’t do anything you can fall off, or over, or up. All very sensible. Believe me when I say that I don’t want to take any risks; I’m not complaining about the advice to keep safe, but the fact is that all of these safety instructions seem to add up to don’t exercise, and the advice (and I do want to take it) is definitely do exercise. As it is, I can no longer put my outdoor exercise trousers on, so it’s a moot point. I’ve been going swimming instead.

There is one thing that I am really enjoying, and that’s feeling the baby move. Its, quite simply, magical. I am not writing this to be smug (although I’m aware that I probably am being a little bit smug). I’m writing it for the record so that when I’m being woken up because I’m being kicked in the ribs or the bladder I can read this and remember how I feel about it now.

So, I’m doing well and getting my head round the idea that this might actually happen this time. I’m the subject of school gossip, in the nicest possible way. My class gave me a round of applause! People are congratulating me without being told I’m pregnant by me.

20 week scan next week – the anxiety is beginning to creep in… have I relaxed too much, got too confident? Fingers and toes crossed for the next milestone, and in the meantime, I’m enjoying getting a good kicking.