Come Hell or High Water…

My husband, Ross, is feeling the pain and doing his bit today to raise money for Tommy’s, the baby charity. This might have been a pleasant ride through London and Surrey, but, sadly, the weather has had other ideas. Ex hurricane Bertha is currently depositing her remaining soggy showers all over the UK, and Ross is out in the middle of it on his push bike. Even the cat is refusing to go out in it, it’s so soggy.

You think I'm going out in that weather?!

You think I’m going out in that weather?!

He has been training hard, and got up at about 03:30 this morning in order to be there (I was going to say bright and early, but, y’know…). I’ve done my bit leading up to this point, too, with my 2 mile swim and the cake fundraiser. Our friends and family have all been so supportive, too. In an internet age in which you can’t log on to Facebook without being asked to sponsor this or that, I know that the support we have had has been especially generously given. Thank you, all.

In the interests of supporting Ross and, well, to just join in, I’ve braved the rain in the garden, too.

Kathryn in the rain

Good luck, Ross! Well done, and hopefully, next year, we’ll be too busy/otherwise occupied to think about doing crazy charity stunts.

It’s something of a paradox that we have worked so hard to try to achieve something that comes so naturally to other couples. Especially since, the harder you try, the more elusive your goal becomes. Project ‘Relax and let nature take its course’ is being propped up by a range of holistic therapies which I do think help (anything that helps to relax you can’t hurt – with the exception of substance abuse, obviously). Hopefully avoiding the side effect of replacing fertility stress with financial worries, I am feeling pretty good.

Being proactive is good, and makes you feel less hopeless – you are taking some control back and taking some positive action. Obsessing, stressing and calendar watching is less good and, I think, counter productive. Easier said than done, though.

Sod’s law is another one to invoke. Booking a holiday next April 2015 will, I am sure, render us incapable of going on holiday in April 2015. Focus (without actually focusing, which might be misinterpreted as ‘trying too hard’ and be filed under ‘counter-productivity’) on something else, throw caution to the wind. Go crazy and do….. nothing. Except what comes naturally. Obviously 😉


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