“Today would have been my birthday party”

My husband and I are hosting a cake based fundraising event for Tommy’s, the baby charity this afternoon. (http://www.tommys.org/)

We’re doing face painting and cake decorating. Hopefully it will be well attended and go smoothly. If it’s total sugar fueled chaos, it may actually put us off having kids altogether…!

There will be several bumps and babies, so I’m bracing myself. This (or near enough, date wise) should have been our first’s 2nd birthday party, so feeling slightly emotional about that.

It got me wondering about the significance of dates. 23rd November, 2011 – MMC1, 23rd May 2012 – MMC2, 12th June 2013 – MMC3.

June 2012 – EDD1, December 2012 – EDD2, December 19th 2013 – EDD3. (EDD = estimated  due  date)

The evening that my husband went out to tell his close friend that I had miscarried for the first time, was the same night that his friend wanted to tell him that he and his wife were expecting their second. It’s always strange seeing their son, who will always be the age our first would have been.

I haven’t set this cake event up in memorandum or anything like that. It’s not healthy, I think, to dwell on these things. But I wanted to take a moment, just to think of the 2nd birthday party that never was.

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