The Facebook baby bomb

Social media is fun, right? Are you having fun yet?

I like Facebook. A lot. It’s fun to share status updates about what your dinner looks like, your cat in a box, and so on. We love it.

But sometimes Facebook can ruin your day. I’m taking, of course, about the MC-er’s dark nemesis: The 12 week scan photo. It catches you unawares; it won’t go away, no matter how many times you click ‘I don’t want to see this’ (go on, ask me why…). Even if you do get rid of it from you news feed (normally by un-following or de-friending the person concerned), it comes back again as friends ‘like’ and comment on it.


Of course, I’m not saying that people can’t share good news. Social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch with people in a weird active/passive way where you let the congratulations come to you. And it’s lovely to feel warm and loved. In fact, some of the biggest outpourings of love and support I have had have come from the Social Network. It’s the picture I can do with out.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen a baby shaped baby on a scan (MMC 3 had a discernible  head and arms at the 9.1 wk scan, and I swear I saw those arms wiggle. Although it might have been wind/hysteria). Maybe it’s because I’ve seen more ‘bad news’ scans than good, and I’m slightly traumatised by those grey, grainy images. Maybe I’ve just turned into a jealous old cow.

Whatever. The Facebook scan photo baby bomb turns a nice day into a bad day, and it comes right into your personal space without warning.

This excellent blog entry sums up very well what the FB baby bomb can do to a (mostly) sane woman:

And I’ll tell you what, Facebook. I’ll stop posting pictures of the cat when you stop baby bombing me. Do we have a deal?


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