Losing my innocence

The statistics tell us that as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies will not succeed, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier if miscarriage should happen to you. What you do get is a crash course in the using the NHS (mostly good, occasionally strange, sometimes frustrating – the admin is frequently bonkers).

My story has been going on for almost three years, and it isn’t over yet. I want to tell it in the hope that a) I get it off my chest, and b) share what I have learned in the hope that someone, somewhere might find it useful. Maybe even inspirational. If you’ve found this blog because you’re going through miscarriage, I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope you find something of use here.

So, here’s the first installment.

In November 2011, after one (one!) attempt, I tested negative on a HPT the day before going on holiday. I went on holiday, and experienced a weird, rather spotty period. It didn’t seem to stop after a week, which was a bit odd, but it did eventually wear off, so I forgot about it. Then, a week later, I was playing in an indoor just for fun badminton league when I noticed I was feeling slightly nauseous. We were off out to a birthday party that night in a pub, and I was planning to drink, so I decided to do another HPT just in case. I wasn’t expecting it, but, guess what? It was POSITIVE.

I can’t tell you; I was in shock. My DH was in shock. We immediately drove to Sainsbury’s for a digital HPT which confirmed that I was 2-3 weeks pregnant. We went to the party. I drove. When they got the birthday cake out, I ran to the toilets and threw up. That was the last normal pregnancy related thing that happened to me.

If you like, or feel you have been helped by what you have read here, please share it. If you want to see more, why not follow me? Thank you for reading!


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